What is the CMOC?

The Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) is a collaboration of healthcare, special needs, EMS transportation, and public health specialists working together under a NIMS compliant structure within the Unified Area Command to address ESF 8 services of a multi-geographical region.

The CMOC is the operational arm of the Regional Healthcare Preparedness Coalition and serves 25 counties, 277 cities, and a population of over 9.3 million Texas residents. The CMOC region includes over 180 hospitals and more than 900 nursing homes.

How do I activate it?

It can be activated 24/7 by calling the Harris County Office of Homeland Security at 713-426-9508 and requesting “activation of the CMOC”

Who can activate it?

CMOC must be activated by an authorized governmental entity. If your facility needs to activate the CMOC, you can call 713-426-9508 to request activation. The CMOC will coordinate with your local Office of Emergency Management to ensure proper activation and support.

Levels of Activation

How does it align with the local, regional, and state plans?

While the CMOC is housed inside the Harris County Office of Homeland Security, Transtar 6922 Katy Road, Houston TX 77024, it is a resource for the entire Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) region, as well as any other region within Regional Advisory Councils (RAC) H, R and Q that has been designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services as Division 1.