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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Regional Training and Exercise Coordinator:
John.Wingate@setrac.org or Adam.Lee@setrac.org

On-line WebEOC trainings do not replace in person training. All new users must attend an approved in person call prior to gaining access to the system.

Position Access Code Administrator (coming soon)

This Training will allow facilities to create user accounts for their facilities. We only offer limited spaces per facility.
Please contact SETRAC to take this training.

WebEOC Refresher

This Training will cover the use of WebEOC and STAR (State of Texas Assets Request board). This board is used for resource request during emergencies.

WebEOC Refresher: Resetting Password

This Training covers how to reset user password and locate username in WebEOC.

Hospital Decontamination Awareness Level Training (coming soon)

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Hospital Decontamination Operation Level Training

Please contact  John Wingate or  Adam Lee to schedule this in residence training for your facility.

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