Membership Dues


All SETRAC hospitals and EMS agencies must pay annual dues according to their classification.


Participation for Hospitals

  • At least 50% of SETRAC quarterly meetings
  • At least 50% of 1 subcommittee meeting
  • One person cannot represent multiple hopsitals
  • Membership dues

Participation for EMS Agencies

In order for a member to be listed in good standing each EMS provider must meet the SETRAC participation requirements. The member EMS agency must:

  • Attend 6 meetings a year (During the fiscal year between September 1st – August 31st)
    • 3 must be EMS SQI meetings
    • 3 can be of the following categories: SETRAC Board meetings, RHPC Corridor meetings, Clinical meetings (Stroke, Cardiac, or Trauma).
  • One person cannot represent multiple EMS agencies.
  • Be current on yearly membership dues.

If you are not yet a member and interested in becoming a member of SETRAC please contact  Chris Collier for more information.