Essential Personnel Logo

It is the intent of the Regional Healthcare Preparedness Coalition (RHPC) to provide an easily recognizable and commonly utilized identification mechanism for essential healthcare personnel during a disaster. The implementation of such a regional identification sticker will provide cross-jurisdictional recognition of “essential healthcare personnel” as deemed by their individual facility.

The RHPC recommends the following:

1. The identification of essential personnel should not be limited to physicians and nurses. Many other departments and disciplines are required to maintain a function healthcare facility during a disaster.

2. All new employees should be included in this process and if identified as essential – they should be provided a sticker.

3. Stickers or the digital imprint should be affixed to the backside of the employee’s hospital identification badge. Law enforcement agencies and others will require BOTH a hospital identification badge and an RHPC Essential Personnel sticker.

4. Stickers can either be stored in the employee’s home department and handed out by the department leadership or kept and distributed by the department responsible for making the employee’s identification badges – or a combination. For example, the appropriate numbers of stickers are handed out to each department. The remaining stickers are handed out to HR to affix to the back of each new employee’s hospital badge.

A copy of these guidelines and the sticker will be provided to all Regional Liaison Officers and District Disaster Chairs in the State of Texas.

If you feel your County Official and/or Office of Emergency Management would benefit from this information, please forward their name and contact information to Lori Upton

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