The mission of the SouthEast Texas Regional Advisory Council is to develop and sustain a powerful coalition of providers, responders, and other healthcare related partners united together to save lives and improve health outcomes through research, education and collaboration.

This mission is accomplished by providing stakeholder support through planning, facilitation, data collection, operations and the provision of technical assistance to the region for Clinical and Preparedness services.

On the Clinical side, our Trauma, Stroke, Cardiac, Pediatric, Maternal, and Perinatal committees work to establish standards of care and protocols for consideration/adoption by area hospitals, EMS agencies, and other providers. We foster collaboration to educate our communities, and to collectively deliver appropriate care with appropriately trained providers and embracing best practices.

The Regional Healthcare Preparedness Coalition (RHPC) is the Preparedness Service Line of the SouthEast Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC). Under contract with the Texas Department of State Health Services, the RHPC is comprised of a network of healthcare agencies, EMS and response partners, public health officials and jurisdictional authorities within the twenty-five counties of Texas that make up TSA (Trauma Service Areas) Q, R, and H.

The mission of the Coalition is to protect and maintain the medical infrastructure of all regional healthcare agencies, coordinate regional healthcare systems response, provide situational awareness, identify and allocate resources, and develop a well-trained resilient medical community.